Sen. Gary Peters Continues to Mislead Michiganders On Support for Medicare-for-All

“You’re going to have Medicare for All down the road.” – Sen. Gary Peters in 2018

Medicare for All Supporters

Sen. Gary Peters continues to mislead Michiganders with his inability to clearly explain his position on Medicare-for-All. Peters is on the record supporting Medicare-for-All as recently as 2018 but is now attempting to hide his past support as polling shows a vast majority of Americans oppose the proposal which would eliminate private insurance for millions of Michiganders.

Just one year ago, Peters came out in support of Medicare-for-All, predicting it would become the law of the land during a meeting with activists and constituents. “You’re going to have Medicare for All down the road,” Peters says in a video discovered by Better Future Michigan. [WATCH: Gary Peters To Michiganders: You’re Going To Have Medicare-for-All]

As pointed out in a recent Detroit News op-ed, long waits are unavoidable in single-payer systems run by the government. “By making health care free, single-payer stokes patient demand for care. To contain costs, governments cut payments to doctors and hospitals,” Sally Pipes says in a Sept. 24 Op-Ed. “That leads to staff shortages and closures. Rationing of care is the inevitable result.”

Sen. Peters is now attempting to cover up his support for Medicare-for-All as public polling indicates just how unpopular the radical proposal to eliminate the private insurance of tens of millions of Americans in favor of a universal, government-run health care system.

Call Sen. Gary Peters at (202) 224-6221 – and tell him not to support Sen. Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All Act, which will eliminate employer-sponsored health insurance now, or as he says it, “down the road.”

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